what makes us unique?

Children with serious medical conditions or special needs have some options for short-term trips and activities. Wish-granting organizations are an important part of memory-making for children. But the need is greater than a trip to Disney World, as important as that trip is. Overnight and day camps are incredibly memorable experiences for children. Rather than a one-time trip, Harrison’s House is designed to be a respite facility where families of children with serious illnesses or special needs can visit as many times as they wish!

Children undergoing treatment for serious medical conditions can continue to enjoy activities at Harrison’s House during the course of their treatment.  Treatment may cure the disease, but only cutting edge therapy will heal the soul. Families can experience the love of God while they live through the pain of treatment.

At Harrison’s House, we recognize that often a special needs diagnosis is life long, therefore we want families to enjoy a much needed break and time together.

We work to make a difference in our community by investing in the life of one child, one teen, one sibling, one parent, one family at a time. By investing in Harrison’s House you, your family, your business will make an immediate difference in the lives of children and teens who need it most.